Good resources for learning python/pandas:

  1. Learn python basics by doing the course on code academy
  2. Read a beginner’s python book and familiarize yourself with basic syntax. Learning Python is a good book.
  3. Read Python for data analysis to learn pandas. It’s written by Wes McKinney who created pandas.
  4. Watch python related videos. There are a bunch of good python videos on youTube. I recommend starting with watching old PyCon videos and videos by user sentdex.



Here are some resources that will help you get started with q/kdb+:

  1. Downloading q
  2. Getting a stack up and running [kdb+ tick from kx]
  3. Coding a sample feed handler
  4. Subscribing to a table in ticker plant

There are some good q/kdb sources out there for reference as well. I have compiled a list of them here for quick access:

  1. KDB+ for Mortals (book) – probably the only book on q/kdb. Easy to read and very helpful.
  2. kx reference  – best source for quickly looking up syntax and proper usage of all the keywords among other things
  3. kdbfaq – great blog covering diverse topics
  4. timestored – nice tutorials covering basic concepts
  5. Life is a list – Great blog on q with several hidden q features