Welcome to Enlist q! This is my blog where I like to share whatever I learn as a developer whether it be about programming languages like q and python or about how to communicate better at your workplace. This blog originally started as a technical blog for q/kdb developers but has expended since to cover topics such as python.

I did my bachelors in electrical engineering and got a job straight out of college at a top investment bank on Wall Street as an application developer. I barely had any programming experience and learnt mostly everything from scratch at the new job. I learnt UNIX, q/kdb+, subversion, bash and handling time-series data among other stuff. As a q developer, I found it very difficult to find useful resources online so I created this blog to help other newbies. Soon, I realized I wanted to write about a variety of topics and not just about q. I have learnt many things at my workplace and only parts of them are technical.

I moved to a hedge fund in 2015 where I was introduced to python and pandas. Since then, I have been heavily involved with using python and pandas for data analysis. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would have noticed that my posts have shifted focus from q/kdb+ to python/pandas.

I have also started trading with my own money to become a better investor and to be able to use some common strategies like value and momentum.

Feel free to contact me as I am always looking for feedback and new topics to cover. You can find me on LinkedIn and look at my code on my github. I am also on HackerRank.

Oh, forgot to mention, my name is Himanshu Gupta.